Definition of ‘terrorism’

The definition of terrorism has been numerous and controversial at the same time. This essay will try and define the word ‘terrorism’ more clinically. Firstly, this essay will give background information of ‘terrorism’ and provide a definition which it believes is more clinical. Secondly, this essay will discuss the word ‘calculated’. Thirdly, the phrase ‘violence against non-belligerents’ will be discussed. Fourthly, the phrase ‘change the political, religious or other ideological landscape’ will be evaluated. Fifthly, the actors of the definition ‘individual, group or state’ will be assessed. Sixthly, the reasons for the exclusion of civilian, non-combatant, innocent, victim, illegal & illegitimate will be answered. Finally, a conclusion will be drawn. In each paragraph this essay will evaluate the strength and weakness and support it with relevant examples. Continue reading Definition of ‘terrorism’

The Pakistani Puzzle

Pakistan has for year’s maintained international denial when it comes to terrorism, denouncing it every time when the subject of terrorism pops up. However, secretly the Pakistani government has used terrorist groups that are based in Pakistan, in order to reach its strategic goal especially when it comes to Afghanistan. An example of Pakistan using a terrorist group to reach its strategic goal is Afghanistan, where they have been using the Taliban as a proxy against the old enemy, India. However, as Ashraf Jehangir Qazi, a former Pakistani ambassador to China, India and the US, has said “relying on the Taliban to provide leverage is demonstrably stupid”. Continue reading The Pakistani Puzzle

Explain one process theory and evaluate its practical usefulness for a team?

According to Steers and Porters (1979) motivation is defined as the force that initiates, energizes, drives and directs our behaviour towards a goal or a desired outcome. Motivation is key for any business or corporation to be successful as a motivated team will be able to achieve their goals and succeed unlike an unmotivated team who will most likely not succeed in achieving their goals. Process theories, as Hellriegel,Slocum & Woodman explains, try to describe and analyse how personal factors influence the person to produce certain kinds of behaviour. An example can be when a person tries harder to obtain rewards that gratify their needs than to obtain rewards that do not. The four best known process theories are expectancy, reinforcement, equity and goal setting however for this essay I will be evaluating the Equity theory. Continue reading Explain one process theory and evaluate its practical usefulness for a team?