British nuclear weapons: Do we really need them?

The interest of nuclear weapons in the UK has been revived due to the rise of Corbyn who does not believe in nuclear weapons, and because of MPs voting to renew trident at a cost of billions which could have been used to fund the NHS, or help the most vulnerable people in our society. Ultimately, the threat of North Korea and other hostile states trying to acquire nuclear weapons has fast streamed the nuclear weapons debate at the front of British political debate. Continue reading British nuclear weapons: Do we really need them?

Why is Marxism still relevant?

Marxism is the political and economic theories of Karl Marx which was then developed by Marx followers to form the basis of communism. In this essay we will be talking about the political impact and the economic impact of Marxism and how it offers a good critique to capitalism. In addition, we will discuss what Marx has discovered economically that makes it such an effective critique of capitalism and finally there will be a conclusion at the end. Continue reading Why is Marxism still relevant?