Definition of ‘terrorism’

The definition of terrorism has been numerous and controversial at the same time. This essay will try and define the word ‘terrorism’ more clinically. Firstly, this essay will give background information of ‘terrorism’ and provide a definition which it believes is more clinical. Secondly, this essay will discuss the word ‘calculated’. Thirdly, the phrase ‘violence against non-belligerents’ will be discussed. Fourthly, the phrase ‘change the political, religious or other ideological landscape’ will be evaluated. Fifthly, the actors of the definition ‘individual, group or state’ will be assessed. Sixthly, the reasons for the exclusion of civilian, non-combatant, innocent, victim, illegal & illegitimate will be answered. Finally, a conclusion will be drawn. In each paragraph this essay will evaluate the strength and weakness and support it with relevant examples. Continue reading Definition of ‘terrorism’

Compare and contrast two different approaches to personality

Personality has been defined as “the psychological qualities that influence an individual’s characteristic behaviour patterns in a stable and distinctive manner” (Huczynski and Buchanan, 2010). Personality is a complex subject that has been approached in numerous ways; indeed, it is impossible to say if one school of thought contains any more truth than the other. I will be comparing and contrasting nomothetic and idiographic approaches, and will discuss the value and practical applications of each, providing an example of theories that adopt each approach according to it’s own merit. Continue reading Compare and contrast two different approaches to personality