British nuclear weapons: Do we really need them?

The interest of nuclear weapons in the UK has been revived due to the rise of Corbyn who does not believe in nuclear weapons, and because of MPs voting to renew trident at a cost of billions which could have been used to fund the NHS, or help the most vulnerable people in our society. Ultimately, the threat of North Korea and other hostile states trying to acquire nuclear weapons has fast streamed the nuclear weapons debate at the front of British political debate. Continue reading British nuclear weapons: Do we really need them?

Hobbes and the Social Contract

In the year 1651, Thomas Hobbes’ theory of Social Contract ‘appeared for the first time in Leviathan’[1] during the civil war in Britain. According to Hobbes before the Social Contract men in a state of nature were living with fear due to life being ‘nasty’ and ‘brutish’. Whilst there are many advantages of Hobbes’s concept this essay postulates that his concept is redundant and has too many impediments for it to be deployed in today’s world. Continue reading Hobbes and the Social Contract

Rousseau and the Social contract

The Social Contract is a book written in 1762 in which ‘Rousseau theorized about the best way to establish a political community in the face of the problems of commercial society, which he had already identified in his Discourse on Inequality’[1]. Whilst Rousseau makes a compelling case for a Social Contract this essay believes that his concept is too outdated and has too many drawbacks for it to be utilised in today’s world. Continue reading Rousseau and the Social contract

The Pakistani Puzzle

Pakistan has for year’s maintained international denial when it comes to terrorism, denouncing it every time when the subject of terrorism pops up. However, secretly the Pakistani government has used terrorist groups that are based in Pakistan, in order to reach its strategic goal especially when it comes to Afghanistan. An example of Pakistan using a terrorist group to reach its strategic goal is Afghanistan, where they have been using the Taliban as a proxy against the old enemy, India. However, as Ashraf Jehangir Qazi, a former Pakistani ambassador to China, India and the US, has said “relying on the Taliban to provide leverage is demonstrably stupid”. Continue reading The Pakistani Puzzle

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees are going to increase to £9,250 this year and interest rates on student loans will increase to 6.1% from this autumn. This is an absolute disgrace to hard working students who will have interest rates of 6.1% starting at the start of the academic year before they have graduated or got a job. Continue reading Tuition Fees

Are free markets compatible with individual freedom?

Free markets mean an economic system where private businesses are able to determine prices in order to compete with other businesses. Some argue that free markets are compatible with individual freedom whilst others argue that free markets are not compatible with individual freedom. This essay will explore both avenues and come up with a conclusion. Liberals will argue that free markets are compatible with individual freedom because “individuals have the autonomy to direct their own actions unless they voluntarily agree to follow the orders of someone else”[1] and this is comes under individual freedom that liberals believe in. Secondly, in … Continue reading Are free markets compatible with individual freedom?

Explain one process theory and evaluate its practical usefulness for a team?

According to Steers and Porters (1979) motivation is defined as the force that initiates, energizes, drives and directs our behaviour towards a goal or a desired outcome. Motivation is key for any business or corporation to be successful as a motivated team will be able to achieve their goals and succeed unlike an unmotivated team who will most likely not succeed in achieving their goals. Process theories, as Hellriegel,Slocum & Woodman explains, try to describe and analyse how personal factors influence the person to produce certain kinds of behaviour. An example can be when a person tries harder to obtain rewards that gratify their needs than to obtain rewards that do not. The four best known process theories are expectancy, reinforcement, equity and goal setting however for this essay I will be evaluating the Equity theory. Continue reading Explain one process theory and evaluate its practical usefulness for a team?

Compare and contrast two different approaches to personality

Personality has been defined as “the psychological qualities that influence an individual’s characteristic behaviour patterns in a stable and distinctive manner” (Huczynski and Buchanan, 2010). Personality is a complex subject that has been approached in numerous ways; indeed, it is impossible to say if one school of thought contains any more truth than the other. I will be comparing and contrasting nomothetic and idiographic approaches, and will discuss the value and practical applications of each, providing an example of theories that adopt each approach according to it’s own merit. Continue reading Compare and contrast two different approaches to personality

Is feminism still needed?

Women are more likely to face sexual harassment than men and nearly one in three women have faced sexual harassment in work which shows how feminism is still needed. In addition, the “UK wage gap between men and women is 19.1%”[1] which shows how women are working for lower wages for the same job and this shows the discrimination that women still face in the work place. Moreover, misogyny is still ubiquitous and this can be seen in relationships between a man and women especially in developing countries such as Afghanistan or Pakistan. In addition, cat calling from men towards women still shows how on a social level feminism is needed add to this the inequality that exists in government then it is not hard to see why feminism is needed even thou women are free. The objectification of women in sectors such as modelling etc further exemplifies how equality for women still needs improvements. Continue reading Is feminism still needed?