The enigma of North Korea

North Korea is a secretive state located in East Asia making up the northern part of the Korean Peninsula, with Pyongyang being the nation’s capital and largest city. North Korea has successfully exploded a hydrogen bomb that can be possibly be fit into a medium to long range missile.

North Korea’s explosion of the hydrogen bomb had a magnitude of 6.3 which is by far the biggest the country has exploded, as measured by ‘The US Geological Survey’. The explosion has further increased tension in the area with both Japan and South Korea denouncing it as hostile. South Korean President Moon Jae-in called for the “strongest possible” response, including new UN Security Council sanctions to “completely isolate” the country as said by the BBC.  With North Korea repeatedly defying UN sanctions the UK,US,France, Japan and South Korea requested an emergency session of the Security Council after the test.

President Trump described the North as a “rogue nation” which had become a “great threat and embarrassment” to China – Pyongyang’s main ally. He also said South Korea’s “talk of appeasement” was not working and that the secretive communist state “only understands one thing”. “The United States is considering, in addition to other options, stopping all trade with any country doing business with North Korea,” Mr Trump later said in a tweet. The US president is expected to hold a national security meeting on Sunday.


If North Korea continues this path then World War 3 will undoubtedly occur in the near future, especially with Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump at the helms. A diplomatic solution is a dream which is further fading away every year, with military solutions now being the most favourable option at the present moment. In addition, further economic isolation clearly wont work due to China still holding trades with the secretive state and without China nothing can be done on the North Korean issue. With Donald Trump as president a military solution seems likely however, Donald Trump being Donald Trump I would not be surprised if nothing was done. This because Trump promised to build a wall but has not done, promised to repeal Obamacare but failed, promised to make ‘America Great Again’ but has done the complete opposite.

The only way North Korea can be stopped, without military means, is through China diplomatically. The US needs to use China as a diplomatic tool to stop North Korea from further increasing tension but this is obviously easier said than done. One way of making China stop North Korea is by coming to an agreement in the South China sea where tensions have been steadily increasing between numerous states including the US and China. If the US can see eye to eye with China on this issue then we are one step closer to solving the enigma that is North Korea. Furthermore, another way of solving this enigma is if Donald Trump actually visits the state and tries to come to an agreement with Kim Jung-un himself. But obviously this will require a man with real diplomatic skills, confidence and guts which Donald Trump does not possess so this option is most likely not gonna happen.

The governments of South Korea, Japan, US and China need to come together and find a solution otherwise I fear that World War 3 will break out and with it the end of humanity, but hopefully this ending does not occur.

North Korea’s top trading partners

2015 imports:

— China ($2.95B)

— India ($108M)

— Russia (78.2M)

— Thailand ($73.8M)

— The Philippines ($53.2M)

2015 exports:

— China ($2.34B)

— India ($97.8M)

— Pakistan ($43.1M)

— Burkina Faso ($32.8M)

Courtesy of CNN