Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees are going to increase to £9,250 this year and interest rates on student loans will increase to 6.1% from this autumn. This is an absolute disgrace to hard working students who will have interest rates of 6.1% starting at the start of the academic year before they have graduated or got a job.

It seems that the Tories, under Theresa May, have made it their number one priority to keep increasing tuition fees in order to deter many students away. This type of behaviour should not be tolerated by a developed country such as ours and the people, most importantly the students of this country, should stand up and make our voices heard even louder because clearly the Tories did not get the memo in this general election where the overwhelming majority of young student voted Labour. Theresa May should step aside or be more pragmatic otherwise I fear that her seat at the top will be unattainable and will have to inevitably resign which will cause even more confusion in to our politics, something we don’t need at this stage.

Whilst I’ll admit that Theresa May is facing many problems, some of which are incredibly difficult, but tuition fees should near the top of the agenda otherwise the future of this countries students are at risk. The future will be led by the students, including me, which is why it is so important to deal with the rising tuition fees otherwise most of us will drown in debt for the rest of our lives. A recent statistic from UCAS has shown application for university has decreased by 4%, this should be enough for the Tories to actually have a debate about tuition fees because of they don’t then it is inevitable that the next general election all faith and support will be lost which will hand the election the Labour party.