Is feminism still needed?

There are many different forms of feminism but this essay will define feminism as the advocacy of women’s right on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Some argue that feminism is not needed due to the rapid development of women’s right in this century but others argue that feminism is still needed due to the discrimination still faced by many women in society and in their work environment. This essay will exploring both sides of the argument and will conclude its own position on this matter.

Women are more likely to face sexual harassment than men and nearly one in three women have faced sexual harassment in work which shows how feminism is still needed. In addition, the “UK wage gap between men and women is 19.1%”[1] which shows how women are working for lower wages for the same job and this shows the discrimination that women still face in the work place. Moreover, misogyny is still ubiquitous and this can be seen in relationships between a man and women especially in developing countries such as Afghanistan or Pakistan. In addition, cat calling from men towards women still shows how on a social level feminism is needed add to this the inequality that exists in government then it is not hard to see why feminism is needed even thou women are free. The objectification of women in sectors such as modelling etc further exemplifies how equality for women still needs improvements. Whilst it may be arguable that women in the western hemisphere may not need feminism, women in areas such as the Middle East, Africa and South Asia are still in dire need of rights such as voting or being treated equally or fairly. In addition, women are not represented in public bodies for example “women make up just 29% of MPs and just 20% of US senators”[2] which is obviously problematic when trying to solve and pass legislation that concern women. This could be seen by the continuing support that tampons should be classified as luxury items, or the stupidity of US republicans who keep blocking legislation that give women the power to do what they want over their bodies especially when it comes to abortion. Furthermore, women are not represented business either with only “23.5% of board members in the FTSE100”[3] and a staggering 7% of CEOs being women. All this highlights why feminism is still needed today even thou women are now considered more ‘free’.

However, some will argue that feminism is not needed due to the rapid advancement of women and their rights. In addition, feminism, as some will argue, has always been a movement for the privileged white women. Whilst it is true that feminism has brought ground breaking changes in regards to gender equality the reality is that most of these advance have been made towards white middle/upper class heterosexual women. Moreover, the feminist movement has dispersed into “fissiparous tendencies spawning superficial campaigns against the phenomenon of ‘manspreading’, or the tampon tax, or the dangers of page 3.”[4] This shows how different factions of feminism have contradictory views which suggest that feminism has died down and that feminism is not needed anymore. One can make the assumption that due to women being free the feminist movement has splintered due to their not being a common goal uniting all feminist supporters.

To conclude, sexual harassment of women and the underrepresentation of women in many different sectors highlights why feminism is still needed even thou women are free. In addition, women in the Middle East, Africa and Asia do not have many rights compared to their male compatriots which shows how women are not as free and that the struggle for equality will only happen if feminism is a strong force thus meaning feminism is still needed. However, some will argue that feminism is dead due to different factions fighting for different reasons, Moreover, the rapid advancement of women’s right has reduced feminism especially in the western hemisphere. This essay concludes however, that feminism is still needed around the world in order to combat the inequality that exists between the two sexes. I myself am a feminist and I will fight to the end to reach equality for not only women, but everyone.