Grammar or Not?

The Tories want to expand grammar schools across this nation. They believe that grammar schools allow children from poorer backgrounds to be intellectually stimulated in an environment where other students have the same inclination of ability as them.

Grammar schools undermine privilege as poorer students who do not have money will not be able to go to grammar school that fits their needs. This is one of the principles which the Tories are using in order to further their agenda. Grammar schools have traditionally been academically strong and this can be clearly seen by the strong exam results. The reason for this is that teachers push their students harder for example in 2006, 164 grammar schools produced more than half of the number of A-grade in so-called ‘hard’ subjects. In addition, grammar schools allow for greater social mobility due to greater opportunities being present in grammar schools than comprehensive schools. Some of the alumnis, such as Margaret Thatcher and David Attenborough, may have not been the people they had become had they not had the opportunities grammar schools presented to them. So clearly we can see that grammar schools are beneficial to the country,and most importantly, beneficial to students that come from poorer backgrounds.

However, some argue that grammar schools are divisive because the wealthier children are more likely to receive a place because parents can afford tuition. Sir Michael Wilshaw, the chief inspector of schools, said grammar schools are “stuffed full of middle class kids” and this is the result of wealthier parents being able to afford tuition. Additionally, wealthier parents or individuals move near the grammar school increasing the house prices which in turn increases rent and this means locals are forced to leave and this is known as the ‘vacuum for the rich’ which shows, in terms of practicality, that grammar schools don’t work. Finally, comprehensive schools are producing able students but it just needs more investment from the government for example in teaching courses in order to get the most brightest people to teach.

There is a majority consensus among students believing that grammar schools does not work and it only increases the educational inequality. Grammar schools work against the poor as rich parents are able to pamper their child(ren)with tuition in order for them to get a place and this is directly the reason why the majority of students, including the majority of the population, do not want the expansion of grammar schools. It is telling that the minority that support the expansion of grammar schools are mostly rich parents who want to save money that is used to pay for their child(ren’s) private school. No wonder the Conservative party is being increasingly hated by the majority of people even thou they claim to be representing the population (now that’s banta mate). What the government should be doing is to focus more on comprehensive schools and how to improve them, the government should be investing more in teaching courses in order to recruit the brightest teachers and one way of doing this is by increasing the salary of teachers. We shouldn’t be playing politics when it comes to education as education is the only way to make this country grow and succeed in a world that is plagued by economic stagnation.