Decoding Syria and its future

Syria has been at war for five years now and has caused irreversible damage. Millions have been displaced and hundreds of thousands have been taken away by this war. This has all the hallmarks of the Afghanistan war, which is now in its 15th year of being at war, so Syria has to buckle up because with foreign powers interfering it will always be at war. This is a very complex war with many factors playing into this such as the Sunni and Shia divide, Assad, Russia and America, Iran and Saudi Arabia, Hezbollah, ISIS etc. Simply putting blame on one thing is foolish, unless you’re Donald Trump, which is why this war is so complex, and unfortunately, this is the reason why I believe that the Syrian war will continue until the unforeseeable future.

Bashar al-Assad has been ‘president’ (dictator) of Syria since 17 July 2000 taking over from his predecessor, his father, and Assad’s reluctance to bow down to the people’s will, which he claims to represent, has directly contributed to a chain of events that has led to the war. The Syrian people wanted democracy and human rights like any other normal country but Assad’s failure to fully comply with the people’s demand led to unrest and this eventually led to civil war with different factions fighting in order to gain power and influence for example the Free Syrian Army.

When the civil war broke out religion quickly became an important factor and this can be seen in the very subtle war between Shias and Sunnis. This is further fuelled by the proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia who are fighting to gain influence over the Middle East and this has added yet another dimension to the already very complex war. Iran denies any presence of troops in Syria but it provides the Assad regime with technical and training support. Add to this the proxy war between Russia and the United States of America and you can see why this war is going to continue for a long time. Both countries, like Iran and Saudi Arabia, are fighting to gain influence in the Middle East however it is safe to say Russia has come out on top in this regard. The Kurds in the north have now craved a semi autonomous state and are fighting ISIS with the help of US air strikes and have repeatedly clashed with Al-Nusra, which is an Al-Qaeda affiliated group, causing even more destruction to innocent civilians.

The biggest group to have come out of this is ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, who control large swathes of Syria and Iraq. Their brutalities are clearly highlighted for example the enslavement of Yazidi women who are raped and then sold in the sex market creating a vicious cycle or the public beheading of journalists. ISIS’s strength came from the amount of money they were making from oil and gas plus the sale of antiques and the takeover of banks meant ISIS was the richest terrorist group ever in history. Their privileged position meant ISIS was able to take over, with ease, vast swathes of Syria due to their economic might that they used to buy weapons from foreign countries.

However, in recent weeks ISIS have rapidly lost control of vast amounts of land in Iraq and Syria due to the international community coming together and fighting ISIS on two fronts. Losing Mosul will effectively mean that ISIS are defeated in Iraq which will lead to international efforts being directed in Syria and this will further reduce ISIS’s influence.

ISIS will be defeated by the end of 2017 but unfortunately that’s not gonna end the war, in fact the war will continue between the different militant factions. On top of this the proxy war between different international players means the Syrian war will indefinitely continue to the future and this, as I mentioned above, has all the hall marks of the Afghanistan war.

The strategic location of Syria and its untapped resources will unfortunately mean Syria is going to be the new Afghanistan and this will further result in hundreds of innocent lives dying at the hands of old white men in power. The most depressing part of this war is the innocence of children, who have no part whatsoever in this war, dying at the hands of American & Russian air strikes. These children had dreams, like any other normal child in Europe, which has been brutality shredded into pieces and now the saddening part is that the children’s dreams now is to see their dead father,mother,brother,sister,auntie,uncle,grandma,grandpa etc one more time in their dreams (think about that, children are dreaming to see their family in their dreams one more time). The Americans, British and French talk about how people in the Middle East are joining terrorist designated groups but they don’t realise that the killing of their family members by airstrikes controlled by them directly led to their radicalisation.

God only knows what’s going to happen to the kids of Syria but one thing is for sure, these kids will never be the same ever again due to the scars of the war being inflicted on them.

America,Britain,France,Syria,Russia,Iran,Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world should be ashamed of letting this happen. Innocent children are dying due to the stupidity of men in power, had women been in power things would have been different.

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